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The prAna Halle Pants are my current FAVORITE for travel, hiking, camping, climbing, and all things outdoors. It’s probably safe to say that one of the biggest annoyances for women with outdoor wear can be the fit… it can be hard (read: sometimes impossible) to find a pair of outdoor hiking pants that fits right, moves perfectly with you, and actually looks good. In my opinion, the Halle pant meets all these criteria, so let’s get into it…

The Fit

Length & Size

Personally, I find these pants to be true to size. The pants come in three different lengths: short (30in / 76.2cm), regular (32in / 81.3cm), and tall (36in/91.4cm). I’m 5’ 5.5” and the short length fit me perfectly, which is true to most pants/jeans that I wear. Standing barefoot, the pants come just to the floor, so are perfect length once I have a pair of hiking shoes or sandals on. I also find the sizing (sized as 0, 2, 4, etc…) to be true to what I would purchase for jeans with a slightly stretchy fabric. The leg bottoms are equivalent to what I would call “barely boot” so that they flare out just enough to sit nicely over the top of your hiking shoes/sneakers, but not look baggy.

Material & Functionality

With the stretch ‘Zion’ material (97% nylon, 3% spandex), the prAna Halle Pants really move with you and look flattering all at the same time. I use these pants for hiking and climbing, and no matter how I stretch them I’ve never once feared I was going to rip the fabric. In fact, after ordering the first pair, I tested them out before removing the tags and plunged right into a deep squat, spread my legs every which way (!), and generally moved into as many different positions as possible… they stretch perfectly no matter how you’re bending or moving, which is great. These are my go-to climbing pants for this very reason, in addition to being very durable. The fabric is tough and can take a beating against rocks, brush, or whatever else you throw at it.

I also find that these pants hold form pretty well if you are wearing them several days in a row without washing them, and as an added feature, in addition to the two-button waist closure, they have an internal waistband drawstring for extra adjustability if you want to tighten or loosen them a bit for additional comfort.

Use & Design Features

Best Uses – (everywhere)

With all of the above said, these pants are super comfortable and stylish enough that in addition to wearing them for all of your outdoor adventures, you can still wear them around town running errands or to dinner and not look like a complete hippie… not that there is anything wrong with that, I’m just saying, they are surprisingly attractive for an active pant and stylish enough for all activities. If your office is fairly casual, you could even wear them to work. This feature makes them the perfect pant for long- and short-term travel as they cover a lot a bases in the “best use” department.

Special Design Features

In addition to a few of the features I’ve mentioned above, like great stretchiness and the internal waistband, the prAna Halle Pants have a few other great design features. The first and foremost being that the overall design is simple yet classic and stylish enough all around to look great, form fitting around the top half of the pants (but in a comfortable, movable way), and relaxed around the lower half below the knee. (This said, if you are more into the skinny jeans look, Prana also has a pant called the Meme. I have not personally tried this pant, but it looks to have the same functionality of the Halle pant, but in the skinny-jean style).

The front pockets are fitted and the back pockets have a flap and button closure that looks great. The pockets are also a great size, IMO, as sometimes pockets that are too big also end up making your butt look big. I would say these pockets are medium size and flatter the pants (and the butt) quite nicely. Finally, there is a small zip stash pocket on the upper front right side of the pants. While the pocket is a bit too small for a phone, it’s perfect if you just needed to stash some cash, credit card, or ID.

Finally, the prAna Halle Pants can be rolled up to just below the knees for a shorter capri/knicker length, and fastened in place with two loop and button closures on each side. This is great if it’s hot out or you want to wade in the ocean or a nice mountain lake without getting your pants wet.

And, while not a design feature, it should be mentioned that the pants come in several great colors including coal (my personal favorite), cargo green, dark khaki, deep teal, and black.


While I find these pants to be really great, there are a couple “cons” which I hope prAna is working to fix, as I’ve seen them mentioned in some other reviews, as well. There are really only two issues that I have with the pants. The first is the buttons. On the very first pair I got, I had worn the pants for only a handful of uses – maybe a week or so worth of wear and washed them once, and not many days later one of the buttons came off. Mostly, this comes down to construction and the buttons really need to be affixed better. Lucky for me, I had bought my pants at REI and with their “Satisfaction Guarantee” I was able to send them in for a full refund. I have not had this issue yet with the other pairs that I own. Honestly, I like them enough that I’d probably just have them tailored to reinforce the buttons (or do it myself) before I’d write these pants off, but hopefully prAna will fix this issue.

The only other complaint I have with these pants is that it would be great if they dried a little quicker when line-drying. It’s been pretty humid where I’ve done several of the trips with these pants, which may lend itself to some increased drying times, but overall, it would be nice if they dried a little quicker (that said, there is no claim from prAna that these are quick-dry pants).

prAna Halle Pants Final Assessment

Overall, I love the prAna Halle Pants. As mentioned earlier, they are my go-to pants, are highly cross-functional, and I have high hopes that prAna is taking the feedback to fix up the few little issues (such as the buttons) that have been brought up in the reviews. Even with these glitches, they are still my favorite outdoor and travel pant and I hope you found this review helpful!

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