How To Obtain 2 Passports And Why You Should

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How To Obtain Two Passports

Two Passports Disclaimer

Getting two passports is not for everyone, and not everyone will be approved. However if you travel frequently and can demonstrate the need, you can and should get one.

The Why

Single passports are good for 10 years. Thats a lot of time if you are traveling frequently.  Even if you get extra pages with your passport there is a chance that you could run out of room with all of your stamps and visas. Some country’s visas take up an entire page! If you are planning a long term trip abroad having two passports helps ensure you’ll never run out of pages. Yes it’s true that you could send your single passport back to the US to have pages added, or even visit an embassy abroad,  but who wants to wait for that turn around?

Like it or not there are countries in the world that don’t get along. Shocker I know.  Some politically sensitive countries (think middle east) can and will deny you access to their country if you have recently been to another country in which they have a conflict. How do they know? Stamps and visas in your passport. It helps to have a little knowledge about what’s happening in the world while you are traveling. Do not underestimate the power of immigration officials. Having two passports can allow you to strategically use the one without the conflicting counties stamp. Everyone wins.

While many counties in the world allow US passport holders to obtain a visa upon entry to the country, some make you apply ahead of time. Some also require that you apply from the US and not say the country you are currently in. This means you may, at times, have to send your passport away to gain a visa to your next destination.  It’s unnerving not having your passport in a foreign country. Having two passports alleviates this issue and allows you to travel at will while your other passport is away.

The How

It’s pretty easy to get a second passport if you can demonstrate the need. The government is happy to take your $135 for a paper book.

  1. Fill out another application (form DS-82) Here is the link
  2. Write a second passport request letter. Here is an example. It helps tremendously if you can show proof of your planned itinerary
  3. Mail in Application, Letter, Photo, Fee, and Current Passport and hope you get approved

There are also services that can help perform and expedite these tasks.   VisaHQ is an example of one place. They can help with the second passport application for a fee of $59 (or more if you need it quick)

It is important to note that second passports are only good for 2 years.  You are not able to get a second 10 year passport. Needless to say, if you are planing a long term trip, wait until a few months before your planned departure to apply for the second passport so you get the maximum amount of time.

We hope this has helped you understand how to get two passports! Please comment below if you have any questions or your own experiences to share.

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