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Our Story

Welcome friends! As one of our good friends Robert in Aruba would say, you are now considered family whether you like it or not!

We are Shawn and Kate and we are nomads.

nomad. /ˈnəʊmæd/ noun. 1. a member of a people or tribe who move from place to place to find pasture and food. Or in our case hostels and food, and cultural experience!

Our tribe is that of location independent lifestyle designers. A group on non-conformists who believe there is a different way to pursue life goals outside of waiting for retirement.

We grew up in Pennsylvania and Iowa respectively and met in Virginia Beach, Virginia where Shawn had been living since 2001 and Kate since 2006.

By Foot and Film is our story starting when we were married on June 4th, 2016, the best day of our lives! Almost exactly 2 months later on August 5th, 2016 we said goodbye to our careers, sold most of our possessions, and on August 17th, we set out to travel the world with one-way tickets to Mumbai India!

This blog is our outlet to keep our friends and family informed about our whereabouts as well as to share our stories, photographs, tips, tricks, and general information on how ordinary people can live extraordinary lives with some hard work and a little bit of imagination.

You can find all of the stories of the places we’ve been organized under our destinations page.

From time to time we also share what we’ve learned about travel in general. Such things as why do I need travel insurance, how to apply for TSA Precheck, and perils of traveling on a one-way ticket.

Most importantly, we love meeting and interacting with new people. Please drop us an email, comment, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


Hi! We're Shawn & Kate! In June 2016 we got married and in August 2016 we quit our careers, sold all our stuff and set out to see the world! Learn more about us HERE




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