17 Best iOS Travel Apps For Around The World Travel

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iPhone apps have made traveling incredibly easy. After 15 continuous months on the road we have compiled the following list of the 17 best iOS travel apps. While there are a ton of other useful apps out there for specific purposes, we use these ones on almost a daily basis.

17 best ios travel apps maps me

Maps.Me (Free)

Maps.me is the go to offline map and GPS navigation for world travelers. Pretty much everyone we run into lists this as their number one must have app.

Download the countries/areas you are heading while you are on wifi and easily find your way around even when you have no cellular connection. It even includes most hiking trails that we’ve done!

Maps.me uses OpenStreetMap which allows you and others to contribute to the maps to keep them up to date with the latest information.

Also allows you to drop pins to save your favorite spots or just remember where you’ve been!

17 best ios travel apps xe currency

Xe Currency (Free)

Xe Currency is the go to app for currency conversion. You can even use it offline as long as you have the currencies your looking for already added to your list.

It’s great for doing conversions on the fly to see how much you’re actually spending. It’s also great to use to make sure you are getting a decent rate at currency exchange places or in a store that does a conversion for you.

17 best ios travel apps google translate

Google Translate (Free)

The benefits of this app are pretty self explanatory. You can even download most common languages for offline translations.

Most countries these days speak enough english that you can get around, but this is great in a pinch.

17 best ios travel apps trail wallet

Trail Wallet (Freemium)

We have used this app to record every penny that we have spent since we left. Since most of the countries we have visited are cash based, this really helps us keep track of our expenses and avoid overspending.

Another great benefit is that you can add money spent in local currency and the app does the conversion for you.

You can also categorize all of your expenses and look at them later to see how much you spent total on food/transport/booze etc.

17 best ios travel apps mint

MINT (Free)

Most people know MINT and the benefits of it these days. Really great for tracking credit card expenses and banking all in one place. Also provides a free credit score these days.

We don’t use our credit cards much as we are typically in cash based societies, but when you’re churning credit cards to increase your points stash, this app is invaluable.

17 best ios travel apps express vpn

Express VPN (Monthly Subscription)

Some sort of VPN is a must have when you are traveling for a long term. Aside from the basic privacy aspect of them, there are many websites online (mostly financial) that won’t even let you connect to their site when you are in some countries.

VPN allows you to make it look like you are accessing the web from the USA or various other countries.

We used this mostly when we were in China as they don’t allow Google or Facebook! After VPN’ing into the USA though, we were able to get to these websites without issue!

Also great to use combined with Google Hangouts to make free calls to people back home from your computer.

17 best ios travel apps whats app

What’s App (Free)

Pretty much a must have app if you want to communicate by text with anyone while traveling.

We go through many different SIM cards in many different countries so our phone numbers are constantly changing. Using WhatsApp allows us to keep in touch with family and friends without having to keep updating them on our local phone numbers.

Also great to communicate with friends you meet on the road to arrange meet-ups!

17 best ios travel apps google hangouts

Google Hangouts (Free)

Chat aspect aside, we mainly use this to make phone calls. Combined with a VPN solution you can make free calls via your computer or phone to numbers in your home country.

We primarily use this when we have to call the airlines to try and book award flights or sometimes the credit card companies when a card gets blocked for this reason or that.

17 best ios travel apps camera plus

Camera+ ($2.99)

If you’re planning on using your iPhone to take most of your travel pictures, then an upgraded camera app is a must.

Camera+ allows you many manual controls over your camera similar to a DSLR. It has a great macro setting and also lets you take pictures in 16:9 (widescreen) format vs. 4:3 which personally I like much better!

17 best ios travel apps day one

Day One (Free)

If you like journaling while traveling but don’t want to carry multiple notebooks around, Day One could be your solution.

Excellent journaling app that even lets you add a photo of the day to your entries.

17 best ios travel apps trip advisor

Trip Advisor (Free)

We use TripAdvisor constantly to find the best places to eat. When you have to make a decision about where you are eating every meal, this app is a savior.

We also use it to read reviews of places we are thinking about staying or to find high rated local activities.

17 best-ios-travel-apps-skyscanner

Skyscanner (Free)

Our go to app for finding cheap flights. Skyscanner searches all the main airlines as well as the small budget ones thats you’ve never heard of.

Has a great option to search from a destination to ‘everywhere’ to find the cheapest flight out of somewhere!

17 best ios travel apps booking

Booking.com (Free)

Booking.com lets us search for low cost accommodation in pretty much every city on the planet. After a few stays you can get a ‘genius’ 10% discount on some places.

17 best ios travel apps tripit

TripIT (Freemium)

TripIT will take your travel confirmations from your email and put them in one handy place in their app for you to view.

The PRO version also will track your flights and give you a heads up if there are delays and gate changes. This is my favorite feature. We typically know flight schedules and gates before they are even posted in the airport.

Can also track your rewards accounts and balances with various programs.

17 best ios travel apps hostelworld

HostelWorld (Free)

Generally our go to app to search for low cost lodging. Unfortunately there aren’t hostels in every city so if we can’t find anything here, then we switch to booking.com

17 best ios travel apps headspace

Headspace (Freemium)

The benefits of meditation are starting to go mainstream. Just a quick 10 minutes every day can really relax you, especially in high stress countries.

17 best ios travel apps step

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program ‘STEP’ (Free)

Registering with the STEP program alerts the US embassies in the countries you are visiting that you are there. This allows them to send out travel notifications and security warnings while you are in a country. Always good to have a heads up on what’s happening!

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